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The Polly Ann Trail has been open for public use in Dryden Township and Dryden Village since 2000. The trail has been welcomed by the community and has proven to be a great asset to the area. Local groups have held horseback rides, bicycle rides, nature walks, runs, and charity fundraisers. The Polly Ann Trail in Lapeer County is a 20-mile former rail corridor from Bordman Road to Kings Mill, passing through Dryden, Imlay City, and Lum. This trail connects to the Polly Ann Trail in Oakland County, which will eventually connect to the Paint Creek, Clinton River, and Macomb-Orchard Trails.

The Friends of the Polly Ann Trail of Lapeer County is a grass roots organization of citizens that supports the development and operation of the Polly Ann Trail in Lapeer County. The group was formed in October of 1997 to promote the acquisition of the unused rail corridor once known as the Polly Ann Railroad. Their mission is to support the development of the Polly Ann Trail through community informational campaigns, political action, volunteer labor, and fundraising projects.

Lapeer Polly Ann Trail

Friends of the Polly Ann Trail Lapeer County
P.O. Box 123
Dryden, Mi. 48428


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