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Hosting an Event on the Polly Ann Trail

The Polly Ann Trail Management Council welcomes you to host your event on or along our Trail.






Why is an Event Application & Liability Waiver Nesessary?
The Polly Ann Trail is owned by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and managed by the Polly Ann Trail Managment Council Inc. (PATMC), a inter-governmental agency. The Trail is a public park. We need to ensure that the Trail is used safely and is available to the public.

When is a an Event Application required?
An Event Application is required for any organized activities utilizing the Trail including, but not limited to:

Group Walks, Fun Runs, Cycling & Running Events/Competitions, Organized Trainings, Commercial Use of Trail, Ongoing recreation classes or programs utilizing the Trail, Any event that advertises use of the Trail, Any event that requires vehicle access on the Trail, Any event where participation is controlled by donations or fees, Any activity that is beyond the scope of normal trail use.

Application Information

  • Arrangements for activities should not be finalized until approval is received from the PATMC or their designee.
  • Event Applications must be received by the PATMC Manager a minimum of 30 days prior to the activity so it can be adequately processed.
  • Insurance requirements need to be met and proof of insurance must be received by the PATMC15 days prior to your event or your event may be cancelled. Insurance requirements are listed under on our Liability Waiver/Hold Harmless form.
  • Security and traffic control at road crossings, clean-up and trash generated by the event are the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Signage, flyers, banners and/or other advertising and locations must be approved by the Trail Manager or the PATMC. Advertising on the trail can start up to two weeks prior to the event, and must be removed within two days of the end of the event.
  • The PATMC reserves the right to waive or suspend any requirement for good cause shown.

Application Fees: None. Donations to the PATMC are always welcome!


Owned by the

Michigan Department
of Natural Resources 
 managed locally by

Polly Ann Trail
Management Council