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Bike Fix It Station

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Completed bike fix it station located near Orion Township offices



Due to the success of the 2015 Zombie Fun Run the Polly Ann Trail Council was able to place the final two fix it stations this spring along the trail. The two new stations are located in Oxford on the East side of the M-24 bridge near Pleasant Street and in Leonard it is placed just over the walking bridge at the Trailhead. 

The bike fix-it station is a five (5) foot high, six inch round galvanized pipe which incases eight (8) basic bike tools needed for repairs and a heavy duty air pump. Dick Stone our 2014 Ambassador of the year was again the lead person on installing the stations along with Pat Ball Trail Manager.

We want to again thank our 2015 sponsors for assiting us in achieving our goals, Nick at Christi's Bar and Grill, Vance from Bennett, Inc. Sandra from Idle Awhile Coffee and special Thanks to Mary Chayka-Crawford for their support. 


Made possible by our generous sponsors!